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Fresh Pa Dutch Style Beef Jerky, Homemade And Delivered To Your Door...
Do You Dream Of Jerky?
This is it! The fresh, natural beefy jerky you have been dreaming of! We make the highest quality jerky from whole muscle beef. Our jerky is made with the freshest and leanest USDA top round. We slice it thick and long, tenderize, marinade in our hand mixed blend of seasoning based on a generations old recipe and, then dry it to perfection. Our Pa Dutch Style jerky is a balance of sweet and  savory, not overly salty, and higly flavorful. Our smoked varieties do not contain liquid smoke, are smoked over real apple, mesquite, hickory or maple. We offer eleven succulent flavors including three Tavern Styles, which is a more savory version for those who prefer a bit saltier taste. Artificial preservative, and nitrate/nitrite free. Our jerky is available in 1/2, 1, and 2 lb quantities, and shipping is free!

We have enjoyed wonderful reviews, and gained many loyal customers from our time selling on Ebay.  We enjoy making our customers happy, and above all, we also LOVE jerky, and love making it! Thank you for visiting I dream Of Jerky, and welcome to your source for the best fresh and homemade beef jerky you will ever try!

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Free Shipping!